Agiles Arbeiten mit Scrum, Kanban usw. bildet seit Jahren meinen beruflichen Schwerpunkt. In diesem kurzen Blogpost können Sie mehr darüber erfahren.

Die übrigen Inhalte dienen als Museum (leider ohne die frühere schicke Optik).

Symfony 2 DIC Supports Abstract Parent Services

Even after two years, Symfony continues in giving me „Wow“ and „Aha“ moments. Typically these happen, when I discover things just make perfect sense :-) The Dependency Injection Container included with Symfony 2, also known as the Symfony Service Container, is probably the one component of Symfony that gave me the most magic moments.

  • Did you ever create a number of similar services?
  • Did the classes extend a common baseclass?
  • Did they have a lot of parts of the service configuration in common?

I you answered „yes“ to both questions above, you want to learn about Abstract Parent Services.

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